Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation

Are you unhappy with small, uneven, or sagging breasts? We offer breast augmentation surgery, and we have decades of experience!

Breast augmentation is a common and safe plastic surgery procedure, performed in the right hands. Breast augmentation brings dramatic and long lasting improvement to the shape and fullness or a breast. 

Saline and Silicone implants have both been around for a long time and are known to be very safe. All implants used at Image Cosmetic Surgery Center are FDA approved and made in the UsA. Patients will receive medical warranty and identification information after surgery, which becomes part of part of their record and can be requested for years. The manufacturers of the implants are the responsible company that stand behind the product. 

Here at Image Cosmetic Center, we have performed thousands of breast

augmentations and have used the technique of both above and below

the muscle with great success. Putting an implant above the muscle has

gained enormous popularity among surgeons in the past several years.

Although placing an implant below the muscle used to be considered

the best technique for many reasons, all of those reasons have now

been questioned, and there is probably no definite proof that there is a

perfect choice. Going above the muscle offers many advantages such as

less pain, quicker recovery, and is often the preferred choice for

creating a lifting effect of the breast in cases where some sagging is


Additionally, for a long time, it was believed that placing the implant

below the muscle reduced the complication of later capsule formation

around the implant. This has not proven to be definitely true. Capsule

formation or hardness of the pocket can occur in either case.

Finally, the complication known as rippling was thought to be eliminated

by under the muscle placement. This has not been shown to be true, and

filling the implant properly above the muscle will often reduce or

eliminate rippling. However, it is hard and sometimes impossible to create a perfect result.

Breast Augmentation uses a perfectly round or cylinder shaped implant

to go inside sometimes unequal breasts that are less than perfectly


Breast augmentation before and after photos

choices to make about your breast augmentation

Your options

For Breast Augmentation, we offer saline or silicone implants and fat transfer.

Saline and Silicone: Both offer round implant options, which are marked by having the most fullness in the middle.

Silicone implants have an option called memory gel, which carries a warranty against rupture, for 10 years, and it includes warranty against severe capsule formations. 

Anatomic Implants: Tear drop implants which carry most of the fullness at the bottom of the breast. This is ideal for patients wanting more fullness in the bottom of the breast.

High Profile implants: Used for people who desire more fullness on the top of the breast, and can help correct some sagging.

Fat Transfer to The Breast: Fat transfer for breast enhancement has been looked upon favorably, as many of the concerns have been minimized. This is a safe and approved technique to improve the volume in the breast and can cover up areas of irregularities or folds due to implants. The fat is taken from another part of the body, like the abdomen, using liposuction. The fat is then transferred to the breast using small incisions, in order to offer minimalistic scarring. This may be an alternative for people who do not want implants, but would like a little more fullness.

Texture feature: Implants come in either smooth or textured, with a rough surface. The texture feature was created because it was believed this may reduce capsule formation, but there is still debate about this. 

Location of the Incision: The incision used for breast augmentation is usually placed on the lower fold or on the areola. These incisions both can give a very small, minimally visible, scar, and within a year the scar is almost invisible. Both techniques of incision have a very good safety record, but it is often a personal preference. 

One of our happy breast augmentation patients! Atlanta, GA.

One of our happy breast augmentation patients! Atlanta, GA.

Choosing the right size and procedure

How to chose the right size for you

Normally the size of your breasts should be according to what your physique will allow. What this means is that an implant has very specific dimensions, and the pocket of the implant must be able to adapt to the size of the implants, without too much stress. What this means in practical terms, is as long as patients request a size that does not over-stress the limits of their tissue, we are happy to accommodate reasonable requests. The concern becomes higher when someone requests a size that is probably too big for their body to handle. The dimensions of the implant must be able to be comfortably places between the natural cleavage edge, the lower fold, and where the breast pocket meets the chest outside., and there is a natural/normal height that should be respected. If someone wants an implant bigger than these boarders allow, the pocket can stretch past these points, slightly, to allow a larger fit. Once the size range becomes bigger than the borders allow, the implant tends to loose its domain. Mostly the front of the breast will begin to stretch out, and after a certain point it begins to look unnatural. While some people desire this dramatic size increase, there is a safety point that we will stop at. However, most patients are satisfied with medium sized to larger implants. 

One of our happy breast augmentation patients! Atlanta, GA.

One of our happy breast augmentation patients! Atlanta, GA.

About the Procedure

What else should I know about breast augmentation?

The first step in breast augmentation will be obtaining history and a physical exam. one of the most important parts of the personal history, will be the family history or breast cancer, in the maternal or paternal line. Hereditary breast cancer is distinct and an aggressive form of cancer that needs to be identified before any surgery can be discussed. Age is also an important factor in determining risk for cancer. The probability that a woman will develop breast cancer increases throughout her life. It is also important to find out about reproductive history and hormone use. In some cases, people with higher risk will have a recommendation to get a preoperative mammogram, for safety. the physical exam will include careful evaluation for lymph nodes and irregular lumps. the examination is also important to measure the distant of the nipple from the sternum on both side to compare symmetry and identify differences between the left and right breast before surgery.

Other important issues that will be identified will be ptosis, which is define as the nipple hanging below the level of the fold of the breast. in moderate-severe cases, a recommendation for lifting may go along with the Breast Augmentation. It should noted that placing a medium to larger implant, in a breast that already has sagging, can, overtime make the sagging worse. other factors in the physical exam that are important include: stretch marks on the breast, and significant looseness, which can occur after breast feeding. These issues could make the possibility of sagging after augmentation worse. Other physical exam features including the grading of nipple sensitivity. Although it is unusual, any breast operation, has the ability to cause loss of sensation in the nipple. 

One of our happy breast augmentation patients! Atlanta, GA.

One of our happy breast augmentation patients! Atlanta, GA.


“I had/have the BEST experience with Dr. F! I am out of surgery and in very minimal pain! He took his time made me feel comfortable and gave me realistic goals. His staff was so friendly, cutting up with me to help with my anxiety and made me feel so comfortable!!! Anesthesiologist was so friendly and explained everything until I went to sleep! I never felt so safe going under before and I am so happy he fixed what my first doctor didn’t do. Can’t wait to see how my implants turn out they are already awesome! Minimal swelling and I’m able to move around!  

Thank you Doctor!!!”

- Atlanta, GA

Recovery and FAQs

What is the recovery process like?

Recovery following Breast Augmentation, in our experience, has been very comfortable with moderate restrictions. The first 2 weeks are very important to minimize stress on the implants and the wounds. It is important to avoid any significant pressure against the breasts, from garments or laying on your stomach. Most people can resume a desk job and drive within 4-5 days. Light Exercise can begin around 3 weeks. 

What is the cost of breast augmentation Surgery?

Saline implants starting at $3,200.

How long does the surgery take?

Breast Augmentation surgery usually takes an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

Will i be asleep during surgery?

Yes, the surgery is performed under either general anesthesia, or deep sedation anathema with local anesthesia. Both are safe and effective. 

Can i go home the same day?

All surgeries are performed in an outpatient procedure, and you will walk out the same day on your own or with minimal help.

Will i have bandages?

We use minimal dressings on the wounds and a light support bra for recovery. 

Will there be sutures to remove?

Normally most sutures are done on the inside, but the few that are done on the outside will be removed two weeks after the operation. 

Will it hurt?

Everybody experiences soreness for a couple days. We provide prescription pain medicine, that will normally not be needed after there days. Some soreness can go on for weeks, but is normally taken care of by over the counter pain meds such as Tylenol. 

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