Brazilian butt lift by Dr. Lewis Friedlander

Introduction to Brazilian Butt Lift

Do you want a more rounded or bigger bottom?
The Brazilian Butt Lift was derived from the recent advances in the understanding of the use of fat transferred from one part of the body to another.
In this procedure, we use liposuction to gather fat from other areas of the body. This fat is then treated in an antibiotic solution, and filtered to reduce it to the purest form.
Finally, the fat is placed into the tissue of the buttocks so that it can survive permanently in its new location. 
If the proper amount of fat is used, it will take on a new form and survive in a cylinder shaped pocket. The final result of the BBL is a natural enhancement to the buttocks.

The Technique

Why Should I choose Dr. Friedlander for my Brazilian Butt Lift?
Dr. Friedlander was the first surgeon in Atlanta to perform Brazilian butt lifts in 2001. Dr. Friedlander learned the technique after visiting his friend and colleague, Dr. Constantino Mendieta, in Miami Florida.
The Brazilian Butt Lift technique  that Dr. Friedlander learned has now become extremely popular. The procedure works by using an individual’s own fat increase the size of the buttocks. This is a safe and effective way to achieve the desired look of a larger butt.
We have learned that even though a significant amount of fat will dissolve, approximately 50%-60% of the fat will become permanent, providing long lasting improvement. For the BBL to be effective, the patient must have enough fat that can be transferred to make a difference. The amount of fat needed can only be determined by a visit to the surgeon.
Although this technique is very popular, it has been recognized that if it is not done properly it can become a safety issue. Placing the fat in the right space to avoid problems is the key to safety.
Dr. Friedlander has performed over 1,000 Brazilian Butt Lifts with a perfect safety record. We have honed our positioning and injecting technique to ensure optimal quality and safety. 
Before and after image of a butt lift performed by Dr. Friedlander in Atlanta Georgia.

Recovery and FAQs

How much will my brazilian butt lift cost?

How long will my Butt Lift take?

While many places need 3-4 hours to do the operation, our normal operation time for a Brazilian butt lift is about 90 minutes.

Can I get implants if I don't have enough fat?

Implants for the buttocks are still an option, however we have stayed away from implants here at Image Center because of the complications associated with implants.

Can I have more fat added if I want a bigger butt?

More fat can always be placed later, as long as there is a place to remove the fat from.
What is the recovery Process Like?
The recovery is normally very short, although there will be some soreness where the fat was taken and in the buttocks. The patient can sit and drive within a few days, as long as there is proper cushioning for the butt.
Can I Sit after My BBL surgery?
Even though a patient may sit after surgery, it is critical that they do not sit on a hard surface.

Recovery and FAQs

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