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Introduction to Tummy Tuck

Diet and exercise have cannot fix loose skin!

Muscles and deeper tissues can be strengthened and tightened with exercise, but you can never regain the tension in your skin. Sit-ups, crunches, and diet cannot tighten your skin.

You’ve done the work. You’ve shown that you’re disciplined with your food. The scale shows that you’ve lost the weight, but you still see those unsightly love handles, stretch marks, and loose skin.
A tummy tuck performed at our cosmetic surgery center in Atlanta may be the right solution for you. This is a real option for many people who just need a little bit of help after they’ve done
so much work with exercise and diet.

About the procedure

We perform several types of abdominoplasties.
  • Lower abdominoplasty: This is an option for people with loose skin, mostly at the bottom of their abdomen. In these situations, we remove the lower loose skin and fat. This procedure can be easily combined with liposuction to give improvement to the top, bottom and sides of the abdomen. In each tummy tuck, we examine the abdominal muscles before and during the surgery to decide if tightening will help the result. If the muscles are loose, allow bulge, or have a separation, we recommend the muscle be tightened and repaired. If the muscle is in good shape and no looseness or weakness can be found, we do not necessarily recommend tightening the muscle.
  • For loose skin above and below the belly button: For this procedure, we release the skin and fat all the way up to the bottom of the chest and separate it from the belly button. We then re-drape it lower.
Sometimes a patient will need liposuction along with the tummy tuck to contour the stomach. Also, we will perform liposuction in specific places to protect your blood supply, but your surgeon will show you where these are.
Tummy tuck before and after. Performed by dr. friedlander in Atlanta, Georgia.

Recovery and FAQs

How long is the incision for a tummy tuck?
The incision can be from hip to hip, and sometimes even more if there is a lot of loose skin to take care of.

How much will my tummy tuck cost?

Tummy Tucks start at $5,700.
***This procedure includes some liposuction

How bad is the scar?

Normally, we keep the scar below normal bathing suit or underwear line, so it often remains hidden. Over the next 6 months, the belly button scar usually becomes minimally visible.

Does the belly button have to have a scar?

In many cases, we can avoid the belly button scar by moving the belly button down while it is still attached. If the circumstances are right, we can achieve the tummy tuck with no visible scar with your bathing suit on.

Are drains necessary?

Drains are normally placed after surgery to prevent fluid build-up. This is one of the most common issues that occurs after a Tummy Tuck.

How long will the effect Last?

The tummy tuck will often be a permanent and long-lasting improvement. It is important for the patient to keep their post-op weight under control to maintain it.

Recovery and FAQs

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