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Introduction to Breast Augmentation

Are you unhappy with small, uneven, or sagging breasts?
We offer breast augmentation surgery, and we have decades of experience!
The breast augmentation is a common and safe plastic surgery procedure when performed by the right hands. This procedure brings dramatic and long lasting improvement to the shape and fullness or a breast.
The breast augmentation procedure uses a perfectly round or cylinder shaped implant to go inside each breast to create a beautiful, symmetrical result.

Why Choose Dr. Friedlander?

Here at Image Cosmetic Center, we have performed thousands of breast augmentations. Dr. Friedlander has used the techniques of placing the implant above or below the muscle, both with great success.
Although placing an implant below the muscle used to be considered the best technique for many reasons, all of those reasons have now been questioned. Now, putting an implant above the muscle has gained enormous popularity among surgeons.
Dr. Friedlander strives to truly understand what the patient’s desired outcome is for their breast augmentation. Given this information, he determines the best technique to use for the procedure.

Who are the best candidates ?

  • Sagging Breasts


  • Uneven Breasts


  • Unhappy With Size

Choices to make about your Augmentation

For Breast Augmentation, we offer saline or silicone implants and fat transfer.
Saline and Silicone: Both saline and silicone offer round implant options, which are marked by having the most fullness in the middle. Silicone implants have an option called memory gel, which carries a warranty against rupture for 10 years. These implants also include a warranty against severe capsule formations.
Anatomic Implants: Teardrop implants carry most of the fullness at the bottom of the breast. This shape is ideal for patients wanting more fullness in the bottom of the breast.
High Profile implants: High profile implants are used for people who desire more fullness on the top of the breast. This type of implant can help correct some sagging.
Fat Transfer to The Breast: A fat transfer for breast enhancement has been looked upon favorably, as many of the concerns have been minimized. This option is a safe and approved technique to improve the volume in the breast, and can cover up areas of irregularities or folds due to implants.
This technique may be an alternative for people who do not want implants, but would like a little more fullness.
Texture feature: Breast augmentation implants come in either smooth or textured surfaces. The texture feature was created because it was believed this may reduce capsule formation, but there is still debate about this.
Location of the Incision: The incision used for breast augmentation is usually placed on the lower fold or on the areola. These incisions can give a very small, minimally visible, scar. 
Within a year the scar is almost invisible. Both techniques of incision for breast augmentation have a very good safety record, but it is often a personal preference.
Breast augmentation before and after image performed by Dr. Friedlander in Atlanta Georgia.

Recovery and FAQs

How much will my breast augmentation cost?

Breast Augmentation starts at $3,900

How long will it take?

Breast Augmentation surgery usually takes an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

Can I go home the same day?

All surgeries are performed in an outpatient procedure, and you will walk out the same day on your own or with minimal help.

Will I have bandages?

We use minimal dressings on the wounds and a light support bra for recovery.
What is the breast enhancement recovery Process Like?
Recovery following breast bugmentation is usually very comfortable with moderate restrictions. The first 2 weeks are very important to minimize stress on the implants and the wounds.
It is important to avoid any significant pressure against the breasts. Otherwise, most people can resume a desk job and drive within 4-5 days. Light Exercise can begin around 3 weeks.
Will there be sutures to remove?
Normally most sutures are done on the inside, but the few that are done on the outside will be removed two weeks after the operation.

Before and After

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