Breast Lift with Implants

Dr. Friedlander reviews the intricacies of the superior crescent breast lift with implants, and exams the pros and cons for each patient.

The superior crescent lift plus augmentation offers a special advantage for women with average or larger nipple areolar areas to have minimal scarring with large lift and implant.  This not only avoids a large scar in the middle of the breast but actually enhances the nipple areolar appearance.  Nipple sensation and the ability to breast feed are completely safe.  

This young lady wanted larger breasts and a slightly higher nipple. The results were achieved by raising the nipple areolar complex with a small incision above and the incision also allowed placement of sub muscular implant. She was every excited about her change. 

Breast augmentation in atlanta before and after

This patient was very unhappy with the appearance 

This young lady had several problems which included unequal nipple height, very low nipple profile and very high fold. She required augmentation, moving the nipples on each side and lowering the inflammatory folds. She was very pleased with the results and the incision at the top of the nipple areolar could hardly be been months later.

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